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Are you looking to sell your car or buy a used car? Make sure to get the most reliable and trusted Roadworthy Certificates in Melbourne by licensed inspectors – CT Motors.

VicRoads mandate a “Certificate of Roadworthiness” (RWC) if you wish to sell a used car or re-register it. Besides, an RWC is also needed when you need to clear a Notice of Unworthiness or Vehicle Defect Notice. Obtaining the certificate shows that the car is safe to be driven on-road. Your car needs to undergo and pass a multi-point checklist of all safety-related items to obtain Roadworthy Certificates (RWC) in Melbourne.

CT Motors is a licensed Roadworthy Certificates inspector in Melbourne. Our expert mechanics will check and assess your car components and systems wear and service condition to ensure the car is safe to drive and is no threat to the driver or others.

A Roadworthy Certificate assessment by CT Motors includes the following essential checks, but we do a more exhaustive 100 point checklist to award you the RWC.

  • Tyres are the most critical safety aspect of your car. We check the wheel alignment, pressure and tread wear on the tyre to check its service life
  • The other vital systems like braking, steering and suspension are given a deep look and verified that the components have multiple services life and deliver optimal performance.
  • In-cabin safety checks include the proper functioning of seat belts and the presence of airbags.
  • Lights – head and tail lamps are examined to ensure they serve required illumination and are reliable.
  • All windscreen wipers and washers are inspected to ensure that they can work to provide vision during rain, and all windows are examined to be in good condition.
  • The car’s chassis and body are examined for any structural damages that could compromise safety.
  • Making sure the closure mechanism of all doors are working correctly, and mirrors are also checked.
  • VicRoads guidelines for Roadworthy Certificates in Melbourne mandates many more checks and inspection of safety-related items in the entire car’s system components and structure.

After completing our guideline adherent assessment of your car, we give an unbiased report listing all the items that haven’t passed the check. With a failed RWC, you get 14 days to ensure all the repairs and replacement work is completed to get another go at the Roadworthy Certificate inspection in Melbourne. If you are unable to get an RWC by the end of 14 days, the first partially completed Roadworthy Certificate is deemed cancelled.

Reliable and Accurate Roadworthy Inspection and Tester

At CT Motors, we take immense pride in being a Roadworthy inspector and tester and provide a detailed, third-party check for the car’s safety. After the RWC inspection is completed, our highly qualified, skilled and trained auto specialist will shortlist the repairs or replacement of needed parts that will help get you the Roadworthy Certificate. Then, we provide a no-obligation quote for those repairs.

It is up to you to choose to get the work done at CT Motors or by someone else.

Most of our customers have to rely on our honest and transparent pricing and repairs solutions to ensure that their car trouble frequency reduces. We strive to give you the best of services at affordable prices.

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How long does a roadworthy certificate last in Victoria?

According to VicRoads, a Roadworthy certificate is current or valid for 30days from the date of issue. The vehicle has to be re-registered with VicRoads within this timeframe.

How much does it cost to get a roadworthy certificate in Melbourne?

Various factors influence the cost to get a Roadworthy Certificate in Melbourne – the car’s condition, the model year of the car, and the type of car. Generally, reliable Roadworthy inspectors can charge anywhere between $100-$200, which will probably include a FREE recheck within the 14-day window.

What makes a car unroadworthy?

A car is deemed unroadworthy when its condition is terrible, and driving on the road could endanger the driver, passenger and other road users. The primary safety aspects of the car are checked to determine whether it’s roadworthy, including tyres, brakes, suspension, engine, windows, structural damages and so on. Guidelines set by VicRoads mandate all necessary checks.

What does a roadworthy test include?

An RWC assessment includes an exhaustive checklist of items that ensure the safety aspect of the car. Any defects or repairs for the basic safety, including tyres, brakes, suspension, steering, seat belts and so on, will result in a failed Roadworthy Inspection.

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