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CT Motors are your local auto repair specialist offering the most comprehensive, reliable and competent log book service in Melbourne. It is a common myth that all logbook service needs to be done at the dealership where you bought the car to retain the manufacturer’s warranty. But it’s not true. Authorised car service specialists like us can provide logbook service without voiding your warranty. We use genuine parts and premium oils in accordance with the logbook to ensure your car undergoes its regular maintenance and services at a cost much lower than dealership logbook service.

What is a Logbook Service?

Logbook service means doing regular car maintenance and services following the manufacturer’s handbook provided with the car. Logbook mandates regular checks on specific components and lubrication oils at regular time intervals. It is essential to complete stipulated logbook services on time to preserve the warranty and keep your car in good shape. The logbook has cleared listed out all the information about the car’s servicing requirements in detail for the first 200,000km.

Experience Superior Car Log Book Servicing

At CT Motors, we undertake car logbook servicing for all makes and models, especially prestige cars. We have all the latest state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic tools to read the OBD (onboard diagnostics) of

a wide range of prestige cars. Our team is highly experienced, proficient and has in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of a car that you’ll feel a tangible difference in how CT Motors does car logbook servicing from the dealership.

When you bring in your car for logbook servicing, we perform the following mandatory lists to ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty is intact:

  • Complete full service for your car, following all the stipulations mentioned in the car logbook.
  • Stamping the car logbook after servicing as mandated by the manufacturer.
  • Preserve and maintain your car’s manufacturer’s warranty by following the specifications to a T.
  • We give a full detailed written report on your car’s condition.
  • By following the time intervals on the logbook, we’ll be able to ensure that your vehicle is in a state of peak performance.

With experts, auto specialists, appropriate tools and equipment, car logbook servicing will keep your car in top condition and maintain so for many years to come. If you wish to see your car, up-to-date car logbook servicing information will enhance the car’s value.

At CT Motors, we offer superior car logbook servicing, at lower prices than dealerships, without compromising the quality of products used and the level of services delivered.

We provide courtesy cars and pick-up/drop-off options for your convenience. In addition, all car service includes a free vacuuming and dashboard sanitisation.

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What does a logbook service include?

A logbook service includes complete car services as stipulated by the car’s manufacturer to preservice its warranty. Logbook servicing includes checking all the systems components are working correctly, using premium lubricants and genuine OEM parts at time intervals mandated by the manufacturer.

What is a full logbook service?

A full logbook service means following the specification of car services at timely intervals, as specified by the manufacturer in the logbook.

What is the difference between a logbook service and an essential service?

Car essential service includes a visual check of all components’ conditions, including brakes, fluids, tyres, and lighting system. It usually involves changing the engine oil and oil filter. At the same time, logbook services include a series of services stipulated by the manufacturer to preserve the warranty. It needs to be done at regular time or kilometre intervals.

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1715 Dandenong Road
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