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A car’s brakes are a critical safety system, and a malfunction could lead to grave consequences. Hence, the brakes services should be up-to-date and done by an authorised and skilled auto mechanic, using the right diagnostic tools and service equipment.

While driving, you can see and hear telltale signs of a deteriorating or less the optimum brake system, which warrants a brake service at the earliest.

When you notice these following signs, makes sure to have them checked by brake service specialists.

  • You tend to lose grip while braking
  • Your car either pulls to the right or left while braking
  • The car’s brake pedal is low and hard to apply or spongy or soft
  • Upon applying brakes, the steering system rocks and shudders
  • You hear a screech or squealing noise every time the brakes are applied
  • The braking distance is longer than its usual safe

Brake services should be done every time your car goes for its general servicing. Only authorised and experienced auto specialists would know and understand the needs of the complex brakes systems.

At CT Motors, we strive to give authentic and exceptional care services to our customers, which extends to brakes services. Our auto specialists are highly trained, skilled and certified and a member of VACC (Automotive Chamber of Commerce), passionate and committed to their trade.

The pad of friction material that is pressed against the disc by the caliper, to slow or stop a vehicle. It is also a term often used for brake lining. Often enough your Rotors and pads become work and need either replacing or machining. Ask one of our specialists to inspect at your next service.
Disc-shaped component that revolves with hub and wheel. The lining pads are forced against the rotor to provide a friction surface for the brake system, to slow or stop a vehicle.
Brake fluid is a key element in getting your vehicle to slow down or stop. The brake system is a hydraulic system that is highly pressurized. That pressure is made to increase considerably, enough to stop your car. When the brake pedal is pressed down, the brake fluid enters the pistons in the brake calipers and cylinder at each wheel. The pressure is increased sending the fluid into motion, signaling to the brake pads to press down onto the rotors attached to the wheel to stop rotation. When a vehicle is out of brake fluid, the system is unable to create pressure which is extremely dangerous as it may prevent the vehicle from stopping all together.
You can think of your exhaust system as the ‘lungs’ of your car. They work to expel the gases that run inside your engine. The quality of your exhaust can affect many things, including the performance of your car. A poorly running exhaust will not only affect your fuel economy, but it may also affect pollution. If neglected, you’ll most likely fail an emissions test.

Genuine Brake discs and Brake Pad Replacements

At CT Motors, we are brakes parts replacements specialists for all makes and models of cars and will ensure all brake pad replacements are done to the optimum standards. When you schedule your brake service, we do the following inspection, diagnostic and repairs services. All our brakes service is backed by CT Motors guarantee.

  • The brake disc or drum shoe is checked for wear levels.
  • Check and complete brake pad replacements for both front and rear pads if deemed necessary.
  • Brake system components like callipers, hydraulic systems, discs are checked for their performance and assess their service life.
  • Brake fluid level is checked and refilled if needed.
  • Final road tests the vehicle for optimum brake service and to check the effectiveness of the brake pad replacement.

Top-Notch Exhaust Repairs

When you sense louder engine noises or denser emissions, then know that the muffler and catalytic converter aren’t working to the optimum levels and exhaust repairs are on the cards. The exhaust is crucial in determining the car’s performance, and exhaust repairs upgrade could enhance the engine’s power output and contribute to cooler and better fuel-efficient engine systems.

A catalytic converter ensures that all the poisonous gases released by your engine are converted into harmless atmospheric gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water, which helps to reduce the greenhouse gases and protect the environment.

In other words, a less than optimum exhaust system needed immediate attention. At CT Motors, we are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and technical expertise to handle all exhaust repairs and offer any exhaust upgrades.

Our primary focus with car services is on our customers, and we strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction in all our jobs. We are an authorised service centre and can take on your prestige car’s heightened requirements of brake service, brake pad replacement and exhaust repairs. We have all the necessary tools, diagnostic equipment and in-depth knowledge to fine-tune the performance of any car make or model (European and 4WD included).

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What is meant by service brake?

Service brakes are the usual foot-operated brakes that are used during driving. Contrarily, the parking brakes or emergency brakes are used to lock the transmission for a sudden halting of the car during an emergency and during parking.

When should brake pads be replaced?

Brake pads are the main parts of brake systems that are pushed against the brake discs by hydraulically actuated callipers to reduce the speed and bring the vehicle to a halt. Hence, brake pad replacement is usually the first thing in brake service and is done when the brakes are slower, they make a squealing or grinding noise when brakes are applied, the brake warning light is on, burning smell due to metal to metal friction, or when you have a hard, low and spongy braking experience.

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1715 Dandenong Road
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